Help Stop Global Warming. Protect our forests.Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

For now, and for the generations after us.

About Project

To protect our natural resources that are closely related to the planet we live in without our project, to consciously and economically use, to waste, to realize the importance of saving our lives; To raise awareness about global warming and recycling, to contribute to world peace, to make people want to be careful in consuming materials (electricity, water, time, money) used by people and other living things, indispensable of our life (electricity, water, time, money).


1- To understand the importance of saving electricity, water, money and time that are closely related to our daily life.

2-To make the environment conscious about activities with savings (electricity, water, time, money).

3. To raise awareness about using our natural resources sparingly and not wasteful.

4.To understand the contribution of the transformation to the country's economy and our planet.

5. To understand the causes of global warming and the precautions to be taken.

6.To understand the importance of world peace and make contributions.

7-To help students and the community work in cooperation.

8-To increase the development and physical development of small muscles with models, pictures, poems, slogans, short films and story writing exercises

9-To make learning by doing and living.

10- Developing self-confidence in themselves.

11-To be able to produce solutions to environmental problems

12. Learn to collaborate with group work.

13. Learn English words on saving

Our project will start with our promotions in September and end with our show in May.


Students will be enriched by their imagination. Effective and quality time passing of students and parents will be realized. Sharing together, helping, developing small muscles, increasing self-esteem, increasing physical development, appreciation of the work they do, happiness will be positive effects on the students of the project. Students will exchange information about their countries through various activities. Students and teachers will discover different cultures, tastes and ways of other regions. Communication skills will improve. Students and teachers will gain different opinions and will make new friends. The exhibition will be held. The ebook will be created. Project activities can work using Fatih project tablets and interactive boards. The presentations they prepared will be presented on the interactive boards of the Fatih project and they will be uploaded to the Eba File. So they will reach different masses.

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